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Maintenance  Inspection System

Our integrated system on sales, installation and maintenance meets all of your needs.

Automatic doors can only be complete once they are installed. At Teraoka, our Automatic Door Construction Technicians are certified in national examinations by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and are situated in all 80 agencies across the country, performing installation and maintenance wherever necessary. With proper after-service and customer communication, your automatic door will continue to function safely and flawlessly for long term. In the unlikely event of failure, our technicians can be on the scene immediately.

Maintaining your automatic door

Please check your automatic door currently using.

[ Names & Functions: Automatic Door Peripheral Components ]
[ Automatic Door Unit Configuration ] How to look after your door

Contract Maintenance Service

Automatic doors maintain an important position as the front face of your building, yet have to endure many thousands of open and close cycles. As such, we offer a contract maintenance service providing the most comprehensive levels of automatic door after-service and management. Regular inspection, maintenance and consumable parts replacement will ensure longer service life and reliable operation, allowing for safe passageway for everyone, every time.

For your correct use of automatic door (in terms of maintenance)

We recommend building administrators should have automatic doors inspected and maintained regularly - four times per year recommended - by professional technicians (Automatic Door Construction Technicians) to ensure safe usage. If such inspections result in improvements or other items being required as per the Automatic Door Safety Guidelines, such measures should be taken as soon as possible.

[ Contract Maintenance Service Types ]
Contract Name 
No. of Inspections (Yearly)
Standard Maintenance Replacement parts not included
3 - 4 inspections
Semi-Full Maintenance Consumables included free of charge
Full Maintenance All replacement parts free of charge

Inspection Maintenance Program

The following items are performed:
EInspection for malfunction
ECleaning, oiling and optimization of equipment
EReplacement of naturally worn-out parts
E Serving and repair of broken equipment/components

Drive Unit
Control Unit
Drive Unit looseness, drive pulley, smoothness of gear unit during operation, belt/chain tautness/wear and tear, open/close speed, cushioning, open/close force, abnormal noises
Suspension Unit Uneven rail wear, rail looseness, door roller wear, door fitting,doorstop rubber wear, vibration controller wear, manual resistance change, foreign objects in railing
Electrical Voltages, insulation resistance, caught wiring, severed wiring, loose wiring connections
Detection Unit Detection range (activation presence), sensor sensitivity, sensor affixation, cabling, erroneous operation
General Operation Regular opening/closing, reverse operation, reverse/stop operation in case of people/objects being caught in doors
Maintenance Contract Service


[1] Regular maintenance can minimize malfunctions.
We will troubleshoot defects and replace consumable items at an early stage, preventing the likelihood malfunction.
[2] Regular maintenance extends useful working life.
Keeping everything in good condition helps reduce damage to consumable items.
[3] If a fault occurs, we will provide quick, priority service.
Call-out and labor fees are waived as part of the contract.
We will maintain stock of replacement parts for your automatic door, allowing us to do emergency repairs if necessary. Customers not signed up for a maintenance contract typically wait 2-3 days for parts after an inquiry is made.
[4] Automatic doors nominated for maintenance contracts are insured under our Facility Liability Insurance service.
Even if a third party is injured or has their property damaged as a result of door owner oversight and a liability claim occurs, our insurance package will consider these claims.

Injury / Property Liability
Injury / Property Liability
Up to \30 million per accident
\1000 per accident

[5] Ability to budget for maintenance expenses.
With regular inspections, expected parts replacement/repair costs can be determined in advance. Full maintenance contract customers only pay the yearly contract fee, with the cost of all replacement parts included in the service at no extra charge.

Repair costs for customers not subscribed to the Maintenance Contract Service

Please consider the following in preventing automatic door accidents  Safety Precautions

ERead the user manual carefully before use.
ETo ensure safe usage of the automatic doors, make sure to affix the Automatic Door Display Sticker and warning display labels to them.

Many accidents pertaining to automatic doors involve children and the elderlyAwith more than half due topeople rushing through the doors, standing still in their path or passing through them diagonally.
Other accidents can occur from the automatic door sensor lacking in detection range or sensitivity. To prevent such accidents, itfs necessary to ensure proper maintenance and management takes place - regular inspections, adjustments and part replacements.

Common accident patterns - actions likely to lead to accidents